For at least the last five years (if not longer) my mother has been making a twist on bread and butter pudding for our Christmas dessert. As I won’t be with her this year I asked for the recipe so that I could make it in South Africa. I tried it out on the weekend to have with friends at a “friendly Christmas” (I think that is an appropriate name for a Christmas celebration with friends). I don’t have a recipe as such as my mom just makes it by magical mom skills but I thought I would share with you what we do.


  • a large panettone (I used a 750g one)
  • butter
  • apricot jam (although I am thinking fig jam or a cranberry jam would be pretty awesome too)
  • 1 pot double cream and  (you don’t actually get this in Italy so I used marscapone)
  • 1 pot single cream
  • milk as necessary (I used almond milk)
  • 4-5 eggs (depending on size, I used 5)
  • raisins (soaked in juice)
  • brown sugar


Slice the panettone and make sandwiches with the jam and butter. I cut from the bottom so I have rounds which I think quarter to make little triangles. Place them in a dish with the little triangles pointing up.

Separately combine the single cream, double cream, milk, eggs and a bit of sugar (I just sprinkled it in) and beat until combined. Making this marscapone it kind of separated strangely but cooked to look fine.

Sprinkle the raisins over the sandwich ‘spread’ and the slowly coat with the liquid. It should  come as high as possible in your dish (although not cover the top of the sandwich peaks). Leave to sit for a while if you can. Then pop the pudding into the oven for 45 minutes to an hour at 180 degrees. Keep an eye on it to make sure the peaks don’t burn.

Serve with custard or ice-cream. It makes about 8 portions and is great for breakfast the next day!

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Since before December I was planning on a whole bunch of Christmassy-ness that was going to happen in real life, some of which I was going to share with you. But the time has run away with me and I haven’t stuck up one single Christmas decoration! The fact that we are leaving for South Africa on Saturday and won’t be at home for Christmas kind of makes it feel not worthwhile for three days either so I am afraid this year will be the year I didn’t decorate. Oh well there is always next year and there are plenty of festive feelings flying around.

But to share some Christmas love I thought I would link up to some Christmassy loveliness from across the web.

Decorating Love

Wrapping inspiration

  • A great idea of using DIY printables in a different way for this  wrapping idea.
  • The simple addition of a wreath brings a bit of greenery to your presents.
  • Or some watercolour on paper. I think I have a roll of ikea white paper somewhere.
  • An old post of mine with some ideas for reusing shopping bags for wrapping (I am truly terrible at wrapping presents so bags often win)

Winning Gift Giving

  • Chocolate bark is always a great last minute gift idea (can literally knock some up an hour before leaving the house for a last minute Christmas engagement. This combo sounds delicious.
  • I think I might gift this to myself to read on the plane to South Africa. I am not the tidiest person and any tips I can get to not have to spend half a day cleaning on the weekend would be magical. I think many might appreciate the sentiment for a new year.

Let’s Eat

  • For those to squeamish for eggnog how about a vegan version. Looks good to me.
  • These mincemeat and clementine rolls are great for a last minute Christmas gathering, or you know any reason.

Also check out my post from last year on photographing Christmas lights if you are heading out for some evening walks.


Well still not 12 pictures (it is really hard in winter, am I right?), but a little look into my day all the same. Mostly quiet with a little bit of reflection going on, a little bit of learning of Italian, and a little wander around town and some Christmassy-ness, including a gathering of musical Santas.

Plus two of my new favourite foods. Persimmon and a lazy type of cottage pie with a mixture of lentil ragu and a cauliflower/sweet potato mash. I literally boil a large head of cauliflower and a sweet potato and blend them up.

As a last minute Emma and I decided to send some snail mail to our favourite #1day12pics of the year. I’ll be in touch once we have been through the images.

read ‘em and eat

read_em_and_eat_persimmon_porridge_1 read_em_and_eat_persimmon_porridge_2

It has been a bit sparse on here this week and honestly I think it will continue that way until after the New Year has arrived. Just that time of year right.

READ ‘EM >>>

December is that beautiful time of reflection and consideration about what you want the next year to be and one of the best ways I have found to do that is with Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year.

For the ultimate DIYer 100 handmade gifts for Christmas.

A different approach to gift buying.

I love a monthly planner and this one looks great for the coming year.

EAT >>>

December is full on persimmon season (cachi in Italian) here and last year I kind of missed out so I need to try and make up for it here. The first lot I bought were so ripe they exploded in the shopping bag by the time I got home! Then I bought this single one which never seemed to get soft so I finally cut into it yesterday and it was absolutely perfect. Which leads me to think there are different varieties. I think I might like the hard ones more. It was absolutely delicious chopped up in my porridge.. Made up for the fact that I didn’t have any milk and had just used water to cook them (which I normally do though add a splash of milk at the end).

They aren’t as big in the UK and I had never heard of them in South Africa so if you have any tips let me know.

Also have you ever seen persimmon on the tree. It looks like a minimalist Christmas tree. This is a picture a couple of years ago from when we were visiting Assisi.


#1day12pics | december


Well hello December! And hello the last #1day12pics for the year. The ‘official’ day will be on Saturday 6 December but you can take part at any time during the month.

I think you all know how it rolls by now. Take 12 photos, 1 every hour (ish – we won’t get mad if it is less than twelve or if the hours aren’t precise). Choose a theme if you like. I think December is perfect for a bit of a Christmassy theme but I won’t force anyone. Share on Instagram or your blog. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #1day12pics.

Once you have posted share your link.

Also don’t forget to check out last month’s posts.

#1day12pics is a monthly collaboration between MYcreative and Emma Davies Photography.

read ‘em and eat



How do you think about productivity? Maybe you should reconsider those ‘other’ things you do as part of your productivity. (Check out the link to the productivity planner too which is pretty and useful).

I hate to say that I am busy because I do have a terrible habit of wasting my time with potentially award winning procrastination techniques. So this is a nice little reminder of “oh you do have time“.

I love this sort of ‘check-list’ around the art of un-doing.

How you should measure your life.

A new-to-me foodie blog full of health-full looking recipes. With the transition into winter and a few more things in my schedule I have gone even more crazy with my eating and really need to bring it back to this kind of thing.

Love these earthy looking clay bead necklaces. Would be great for a Christmas stocking or a friend present.

I am excited about this e-bravery course coming from Blog Society*. I discovered Jacyln’s enterprise while doing ‘Blog Boss’ and have already been inspired by her. I am a big fan of online learning (my degree was from the Open University) and it is such a great way to grow your community and connections with bloggers. The course starts at the end of January but sign-up starts 1 December with an early bird price.

EAT >>>

So I’ve mentioned already but my schedule has changed a lot since last ‘academic’ year. I am now working, taken on some extra tutoring and trying to fit in some creative stuff around that. That sometimes means that the flat is a disaster not as tidy as it should be, a blog post idea doesn’t get written and published and that I eat some sesame seed bars for breakfast. I can pretend they are healthy right?

* note this is an affiliate link, but I only promote things which I think are awesome and would promote anyway.