#1day12pics – september

1day12pics announcement for september

Hey this month is the sixth #1day12pics! I can’t believe I have done these six times already (well if you can count July)! I’ve taken photos on an average ol’ day, in Venice on my 30th birthday and Florence.

Do you know what would be brilliant? If this was the biggest #1day12pics yet! It has been so lovely seeing people from all over the world taking pictures on the selected day as well as some other days. So you know, it would be great if you could tell your friends about it, or you know, whatever.

This month the proposed date is Saturday 6 September but I will be doing mine on Sunday as I am going to the Venice Film Festival and will be on a train for 4 hours and then in movies for another 4 hours (where I am sure photos will not be allowed!) so I thought Sunday would just be easier.

Also thanks to Yasmin for mentioning the project on the radio a few weeks back! Find out all about it and listen to her piece over on her blog.

Okay so you know the deal but here is a reminder:

1. Each month we’ll nominate a day where we will take a photo every hour, all day. (This month it’s Saturday 6 September).

2. You can join in on that day, or on any other day in the month.

3. Share your photos with the hashtag #1day12pics on any social media platforms you use – we’ll be using TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

4. If you blog, write a post about your photo day and link it up at the end of this post. This works best if you link to your actual blog post with your images. You can also link to your instagram account or pinterest board.

5. Use any camera, including camera phones. Don’t worry if you’re a bit late or miss one of your photos.

6. Things are more fun with friends. Please ask yours to join in too.

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#1day12pics is a monthly collaboration between MYcreative and Emma Davies Photography.


Well the summer holidays are kind of at an end with me working (although I am hoping there are still a good month, or two!, of summer here still), but I thought it was time to share some of what I got up to in the summer. Aside from our familymoon which I will share photos of later (I only had my film camera for that), we did a few little trips on our own.

First up was one of our ‘local’ towns which is about an hour away called Aquiliea. It was an important town in Roman times, was one of the biggest cities in the world in the second century AD and was an important Christian centre during that period. Now the town is a lot more modest with a population of only 3,500. The main ‘pull’ of the town is the Roman town that is slowly being uncovered (where possible). There is a self-guided tour around the town on which you see the ancient forum, some roads and a harbour.


There are also a beautiful basilica and a former convent that have absolutely beautiful fifth century mosaics that cover a large expanse of floor. The floor is kind of warped in some places but it is amazing how much of the mosaic is still around. It kind of makes me feel like I should take up mosaic. I am sure there are trendier ways of it being done than I remember from my childhood. Aren’t all those ‘old crafts’ cool now?

We climbed up the bell tower which isn’t too many steps, but they are always so narrow. I suppose back in the day it was just used by one guy going to ring a bell and who wasn’t competing with other tourists coming back down or going up.

acquileia-mosaic-1-mycreative acquileia-mosaic-2-mycreative acquileia-basilica-mycreative

Plus there is a cute cat.


And a pizza restaurant which advertises itself with a giant pizza slice.


We didn’t go to the archeological museum but there is always next time.

read ‘em and eat

read em and eat - a grapefruit for breakfast

A simple one for a busy week.

I started my new job and so far so good. In fact, it is probably the best first week of a job I’ve ever had because on Thursday the new ‘recruits’ (an annual occurrence at an international school is the slew of new starters) were taken wine tasting over the border in Slovenia! So the week also included lots of socialising with new friends to be and trips to Ikea (because you never pass up a trip to Ikea) and of course getting into the tasks with my new job.

A new challenge for me is now working out again how to have a regular blogging schedule while working (although I am still incredibly lucky that I will only be working part-time)

READ ‘EM >>>

No offline reading this week as I was mostly working, drinking local wines, eating copious amounts of cheese, making an evening trip to Ikea and wondering how I was only able to eat 3 gelati this week (which I tell you is a massive downturn from my summer average)!

EAT >>>

Have you ever been to The Wolsely for breakfast? If you order the grapefruit it comes in a silver bowl filled with ice and already segmented so you don’t embarrass yourself in such a fine establishment by squirting juice into your neighbour’s eye at the next table. This morning was a much simpler affair with me squirting juice all over the place but boy I love a good grapefruit. I feel my life might be improved by the purchase of a grapefruit spoon. My mom had one when I was a child, but I can’t say I have seen them in shops as an adult. Have you?

read ‘em and eat

This week Tim and I headed to Milan. It was a pretty great city despite most everyone seemingly being away for ‘ferie’ (holidays). We did a bit of shopping and spent lots of time in museums (we are such dorks). Also I start work tomorrow which is pretty exciting. Although Tim doesn’t start for another week which means getting out of bed might still be a bit of a struggle.

Anyway, here is some linky love …


In real life I am reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s autobiography, Living to Tell the Tale. I’ve read several of his books and it is so interesting to read how so many of his own life events have made their way into his beautiful story telling. I would suggest reading some of his books before diving into this but it is a beautiful insight into my favourite writer. We picked up a kindle bundle of all his books for £30 odd which works out about £2 a book which isn’t too bad so I am slowly making my way through them all.

EAT >>>

This Sunday after a week of eating out loads (days away and new staff starting at the school), lots of gelato (always) and a bit too much wine I thought I would start this morning off with something light and healthy. A massive bowl of watermelon. Summer don’t leave!

pula-temple-1-mycreative pula-temple-2-mycreative pula-skyline-mycreative
pula-on-the-street-mycreative pula-shutter-window-mycreative pula-street-1-mycreativepula-church-steeple-mycreative

As humans I guess we need comparison. So often Tim and I will say to each other how somewhere reminds us of Cape Town or how the pizza isn’t as good as in Naples. Particularly when we travel we compare places to other places we have been and lived. There is even a scale of comparison: Would we go there again? Would we live there?

And so I must compare Pula to Trieste, the city I now live in. This is done on the basis that although we spent three nights in the city I promptly got sick and therefore only really experienced a few hours of it.

In some ways they have a similar history. They are both part of the Istrian Peninsula, Trieste forming the northern reach and Pula the southern tip. They were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Trieste its commercial harbour and Pula its military port, but had a large percentage of Italian speaking residents. After WWII Trieste (eventually) became part of Italy and Pula became part of Yugoslavia and then Croatia in 1991.

From my brief experience, Pula seems like Trieste’s slightly homelier and poorer relative. The buildings are a little more warn, the port is not as pomp and regal looking, the residential waste collection bins are more sporadic. But having realised this Pula got smart about attracting suitors and has built an excellent tourism industry for herself whereas Trieste seems to have sat down for apertivos to watch life amble along. I am sure that doesn’t seem very flattering to either city but I mean no offence.

Pula’s tourism office is definitely on the ball and the city is definitely a lot more lively than Trieste. When we walked around one evening after going to the very well maintained arena to watch a ‘gladiator fight’ the city was packed with people, the restaurants were busy and shops were open until about 11pm. In Trieste shops seem to be closed more than they are open. Honestly I think Trieste caters very well to its residents and it is a lovely city to live in but it could learn a little about tapping into it’s potential as a tourist destination.

I know I missed out on seeing a lot of things that Pula has to offer while I lay on the couch. My friends certainly seemed to have had grand adventures by bike around some beautiful coastline and had sightings of the world’s rarest mammal (they were beach companions of a monk seal for half a day). Next time I visit I trust I will get to experience more of that.

If you enjoyed this you might be interested in reading about more of my travels in Croatia and discover more about my local town, Trieste.

corner-of-my-lounge-1-mycreative corner-of-my-lounge-2-mycreative corner-of-my-lounge-3-mycreative corner-of-my-lounge-4-mycreative

After my interiors post a little while back, I thought I would share a few interior bits of our flat. Firstly to show myself that it isn’t all that bad but also to share what the reality of living in an Italian rental is and also perhaps get advice from any of my interior style mavin friends out there. So please chip in.

I had planned on sharing a post with you on the whole lounge and what I have done in it but there are a few extra bits I wanted to do first, so today I am just highlighting a little corner.

When you have a whole flat to bring into the 21st century, a plethora of dated and/or clunky furniture and no magical pot of gold to solve your problems it can get a little frustrating. I am not a huge fan of these shelves and how they are laid out (why leave such a tiny gap between them); also just to the right is another cupboard which overlaps marginally on the top shelf. That said I really like how I have decorated them and started to add personal touches to the adjacent wall. The only new things on the shelf are the watercolour of Dubrovnik, which we picked up for €5 from an artist positioned on the city walls, and the wooden houses, which are from a local shop. I want to get more of those, they are sold by weight and work out at about €3 each.

What this spot has helped me realise in practise is that just styling something nicely makes a difference. Who knew? And also that by doing little bits over time adds up. I’ve decided I am going to make or buy something new each month, September I think will be a big print for another wall in the lounge.