steller stories challenge

steller stories challenge

A little while ago I downloaded Steller Stories and then several weeks later posted my first story, which has been my only story. I really love the app, it kind of feels like a more involved version of Instagram. Plus, it is a great way to practise the art of a photo project too. But I wanted to get more up there. So I decided to create a ‘Steller Stories Challenge’ for myself with a prompt for each week in November. But I thought you could join me too!

>>>Weekly challenges<<<

Week 1: Beautiful day

Week 2: Breakfast shouldn’t be boring

Week 3: My favourites

Week 4: Leave your suggestions and I’ll announce my favourite prompt the week before!

I am going to try and post my app by Sunday but as with most of my challenges they are pretty relaxed so join in whenever.

If you haven’t used the app before it is really easy. Kind of like making a photo album online with a company like Blurb or Artifact Uprising. There are some template options, you can change fonts, etc. You can also edit your story once you are done so you don’t have to worry if you make any mistakes. Plus the team is really helpful if you post on twitter with a question. I had responses via email within a very short time!

I’d love if some people would join me. If you are on Steller leave your username in the comments and I will come find you. I am @mycreative. Also tag your photo with #mycreativesteller so I can find your project.

Give me your thoughts on the app too.


pumpkin and red pepper soup

I really love soup! So now that it is getting colder I am pulling out all the soup inspiration. I like to experiment with new recipes and almost every week try some new combination or dish.

As it is pumpkin season around here (as you can tell by our visit to the festa della zucca) and I had bought the world’s butternut last weekend I thought a rich butternut soup would be good. I wanted something slightly different but also quick as I decided to make the soup in the morning before work (the crazy ideas I have at 6am) so I would have some warming soup for lunch. I stared into our fridge for a few minutes and then pulled out the jar of grilled peppers sitting in there. Perfect.

Honestly the 20 minutes doesn’t include the cutting up of the butternut which can be a bit time-consuming wrestling with the pumpkin seeds but that aside it really is a quick one. Obviously if you wanted to prepare the peppers from fresh it would be a bit longer too but sometimes you just want the easy option in life.

Plus pumpkin is really healthy for you apparently so you could have this a lot while it is around for the season!

Another bonus is that it is a pretty hearty soup so you don’t really need to have bread with it. Unless you really want to in which case don’t let me stop you!


  • half a giant butternut or 1 medium sized butternut
  • jar of grilled peppers (probably totalled 3 peppers)
  • can of cannelini beans
  • red onion, chopped
  • stock cube or two
  • seasoning: paprika, nutmeg, salt


  • fry the onion gently for a few minutes
  • add the cubed butternut and stir for a few times before adding stock
  • lightly boil until butternut cooked
  • add red peppers (chopped) and beans. allow to heat through and then blend with a handblender

Makes: 4+ big bowls

#1day12pics | november

1day12pics announcement for september

Another month has rolled on by and that means that #1day12pics is coming up this weekend! The official day is Saturday 1 November but you can join in whenever you want.

I am not sure exactly where I will be on Saturday as it is a long weekend here (Friday and Monday off) or what I will shoot on but maybe I will go back to a dslr this week, or maybe even film …

Do you have any ideas? Let me know if you are planning a theme or will be somewhere exciting for the weekend?

Link Up

#1day12pics is a monthly collaboration between MYcreative and Emma Davies Photography.

festa-della-zucca-mycreative copybutternut-decor-mycreativeall-the-pumpkins-mycreative

Okay I probably exaggerated a bit with the title but you know when you build something up in your head. Like the time your friend mentions that there is an annual pumpkin festival in the area where people get dressed up in medieval costume etc etc. And then you find out the event is cancelled. And then you find out the event is back on. And then you think to yourself it is probably going to be one little street with some bad twist on Halloween. Let’s not build it up.

So a few weekends back a little group of us headed to the Festa della Zucca in San Martino di Terzo d’Aquileia. And as the name might suggest it is a little village that is near a little village and we are driving around trying to find this spot that isn’t even on google maps when we see a sign. And so we follow the sign to the empty middle of a town and then we see another sign towards parking and then …

We come across (and I mean literally) hundreds of cars parked on a big field. And then we get out of the car and walk a bit and are greeted by strange pumpkin decor and then a whole town dressed in medieval garb, pumpkin related food, ‘medieval’ stalls with calligraphers, yarn sellers etc, old women dressed as washer women actually washing clothes by the town well, an old lady mixing polenta in a giant cauldron, pumpkin creme filled doughnuts.

medieval-church-terzo-di-aquiliea-mycreative medieval-washer-women-mycreative medieval-guitar-player-mycreative medieval-nonne-mycreative

Yeah so it was pretty amazing.

I will definitely be keeping my eye out for next year as I didn’t get to taste the pumpkin gnocchi though.

colour seasons for mycreative blog

I am currently doing the Blog Boss ecourse from Decor8 and am feeling super inspired by it. We all get into creative slumps and I felt mine had stuck around to long so when I saw this course was available I jumped on it. I had heard so many good things about Holly’s previous courses so knew I was onto something good.

Several things have stood out for me so far (and it is only half way):

Colour Psychology

not the quirky thing from the 80s which told you what colours you should wear but really just a way of categorising personalities or (in this case) brands. It is totally changing the way I am looking at my blog and what I want to do with it! If you want to find out about it head over to The Brand Stylist where there are several posts on the subject.

Time management

I don’t have a very busy life but don’t seem to get stuff done so I asked Holly who blogs almost daily, has a new baby, writes books etc how she does it. Her answer was really simple and definitely something I am looking into incorporating into my blog and other aspects of my life. When a window of time presents itself just aim to get one thing done. I find that I always think “I have so much to do” panic and do nothing so I think this simple approach will help (although internal struggles might continue).

The picture above is the one project that I needed to get done before going away for the weekend (off to Ljubljana!). I had to make a mood board of my blog’s ‘season’ for my homework for the course. It was so fun doing a physical moodboard with objects I might get addicted. Admittedly I did spend the bulk of the morning handlettering my blog name which was fun. As you can see I have already made some changes around here but there is a little way to go. I am really excited about!

Do you find these helpful? Share with me what has inspired you this week. I would love to know!

how to peel a pomegranate


Have you ever tried to peel a pomegranate? Not too easy, right? A little while ago I read this handy trick which makes it much less laborious. So when I was making my breakfast on Sunday I asked Tim if he wanted to make a little video so I could share it with you.

What do you think? Does this make life easier for you? Or do you have an even better trick?