summer to do

I don’t know if we can officially say it is Summer yet.  England, as usual, can’t make up its mind either with last week being gorgeous sunshine and this been cold and rainy.

As it seems unlikely that we will actually be going away for a summer holiday this year I thought I would make a short list of fun things that I want to do, and can easily do, right from here. I am generally not great at completing lists but figure these are easy enough whilst providing enjoyment.

  1. Take a trip to the seaside
  2. Have a picnic in the park
  3. Go on a pick-your-own outing
  4. Make jam from the harvest obtained while doing (3)
  5. Make popsicles
  6. Drink some homemade ice-tea
  7. Roast some strawberries (see a pattern forming here)
  8. Visit the Brixton market
  9. Cut my hair
  10. Eat lots of gelato

To be honest number 10 is pretty easy for me as I do this all year round.

Do you have any plans or “to do’s”

[Images: from our holiday to Italy in 2010 – Capri & view of Vesuvius from Naples]

2 thoughts on “summer to do

  1. That sounds like a fantastic summer!
    It’s winter here – my plans are effectively: buy a coat (managed to lose mine in New Zealand) and cycle while it’s still cool enough.

    1. How strange the other side of the world is. I imagine here you cycle while it is warm enough (I am too much of a wuss to ride a bike in London)

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