jubilee and gin-ger

I was a bad Brit this past weekend and hardly did anything for the Jubilee weekend.

What did I do? I made a housewarming present.  I cross-stitched a little slip to go around a jar (look at me all cool with my ombre stitches) and made these soft ginger cookies from Joy the Baker.  They are a.maz.ing. I have had them for breakfast two days in a row! Yes, I am super healthy.

I changed the recipe slightly using spelt flour instead of white, only ¾ cups sugar and adding ¼ cup oat milk as the dough was a bit drier (probably because of the spelt).

If you have followed me over from my last blog you might know that I am challenging myself to being vegan for the month of June (I am normally vegetarian).  These are so good though they are definitely going to be made again, even after the end of the month.

On Tuesday we went to the housewarming / jubilee garden party.  The sun stayed out long enough for us to sit for a short while in their garden.  I made some ginger syrup (another Joy the Baker recipe) and had it in my gin and tonic.  Another winner.  I didn’t shred the ginger but made little chunks which became crystallised ginger and will be used in the making of another batch of ginger cookies.

My lovely friends also made lots of veggies for the bbq.  Another friend’s mum made the cake which looked amazing (although I couldn’t eat any because of aforementioned vegan challenge).  I must admit, though, I felt a bit self-righteous at the end of the night when everyone else felt stuffed but I was comfortably full on all the healthy stuff that I had been able to eat.

What did you get up to for the weekend?  Do you keep inside out the rain or venture out to some celebrations?

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