eat summer

The only solution to weather like this

grey wet london weather

is to make food like this

tomato tofu salad

Tomato and tofu salad (inspired by Pickled Plum).

Made up of about 200g of tomato, 175g silken tofu, 1.5 tbsp (actual ikea tablespoon which might be less than baking tablespoon?) rapeseed oil, 1 tsp white wine vinegar, small handful sunflower seeds, salt and za’atar to season. Have you heard of za’atar? It is my absolute new favourite seasoning.  Serves one for a big ol’ lunch.

I had it with flaxseed flat bread (I divided the recipe to about a third) although I didn’t cook it that long so it was quite soft still.  It worked quite well with the tomato.

This was really yummy.  I haven’t had silken tofu ‘raw’ like this before and it was rather good.

And (drum roll for a to do for summer)

strawberry ginger popsicles

Strawberry and Ginger Popsicles.

To be honest I didn’t really measure these but it was about 350g strawberries, 5 tsp ginger syrup, 1 tsp of truvia (although you could replace with other form of sugar) and a dash of water (so that it would fill the four popsicle moulds)  I blended the strawberries and added all the ingredients and then popped some finely chopped strawberries in the top before putting the ‘lids’ on.

I wasn’t sure how these would turn out but think that ginger and strawberries might be a perfect combination.  The ginger flavour was very mild but gave it that little bit extra something.

My Mum saw these popsicle moulds and bought them for me.  She rocks! They have a little catch cup and straw so you don’t mess or lose any of your treat.  Genius for children but perfect for adults too I can tell you.

I have a few other recipes to try so will need to eat the rest of these pronto.

Have you got any recipes that are keeping the grey at bay?

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  1. Thanks so much for the well wishes Michelle, and having been ill and away from Blogger for a couple of weeks I have only just seen your new website/blog! I love it, congrats, it looks wonderful! Very exciting 🙂

  2. The strawberry and ginger lollies sound good. SO good. We may have to try those. And the pictures below are too sweet. They will make such a lovely present. xx

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