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On Sunday I got my pictures back from Lomography that I took at the blog event I attended the week before.

I was super excited about getting the CD home to see the pictures even though I wasn’t sure that I would have anything to share.  But I must say I am quite pleased that they weren’t all blurry (although some were).  They certainly aren’t my best photos but I think the grainy effected and colouring are the saving grace of some of them.  Although I think it might lead to laziness in not necessarily capturing a good picture but just one that looks arty because of the film effect.

These are just my favourites from the 36 roll but I have put a couple more up on flickr.  The first picture I took is the one at the top left, which is why it has that bit of light ‘damage’ though I think it looks pretty awesome.  I love that I was taking pictures of the people of Soho.  It almost feels a bit like a documentary of the area.  The two guys in the last picture make it look like 70s Soho don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “loblography – the pictures

  1. I love these! I especially love the first one and the one of the illamasqua window. I took some film pictures and the camera messed up and I had to open it in the light (bad, I know) and some of the pictures got destroyed, but some turned out AMAZING.
    Also, is that Tom Hanks for real?

    1. Haha. Pretty sure it isn’t Tom Hanks. Don’t think he was very tall. Isn’t TH tall? Pity some of your pictures were ruined but the light effect is pretty cool. The illamasqua is actually a double exposure of both windows – sneaky.

    1. Great reason to carry on trying. I have an idea that my new film camera will create magical things but probably just blurry and dull. We shall see.

  2. I haven’t got mine back yet but I think what makes these great is that they have people in them, which looks great with this effect. I’m not sure I took any people – will have to see…. Great photos – and I think that really might be Tom Hanks. These actors are really often not as tall as you think. And, wasn’t it raining? I don’t remember it being sunglasses weather.

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