happy friday

One purpose of this weekly post is to encourage me to try to find something positive in every week.  This week I have been trying to squeeze as much creativity as possible into my waking hours outside of a rather uninspiring temp job.  Sometimes staying awake too late – oops).  Thinking of ideas for photography shoots, thinking of new things to put in my etsy shop and snapping some pictures on my new old camera during my lunch hour.

I am excited to get the film developed but still have a few more snaps to go.  I have been trying to get a range of images from ‘urban landscapes’ (I am working in the City), to people, cats and flowers to see what the camera works best with.  I hope I am not building it up too much and I am imaging that I will be sorely disappointed by the results.  But I am looking forward to experimenting with some ‘fun’ film types like the ones from lomography.

Since my purchase I have also discovered some other people with old new Canon AE-1s or AV-1s so if you are interested in film why not go have a wander around their blogs:

They also happen to all be British based.  It makes me feel like I belong to a secret society and that I keep accidentally bumping into secret members everywhere.  Anybody else out there wants to be in the club?

Happy Friday everyone!

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3 comments on “happy friday

  1. Oh how wonderful … feeling like you’re a part of a secret society is pretty special! :)

    Looking at ways to focus on positivity and creativity is a wonderful idea, and will surely help you get less frustrated / bored with the temp job. And now I’m off to have a look at your lovely etsy store … your photos are a delight so I suspect I’ll enjoy my wander. :)

    • I find being creative keeps me sane. Don’t know what I did before I realised there was creativity hiding in me. Except studying, I did a lot of studying.

  2. Thanks so much for the link, Michelle! That’s so kind of you – and yes, I love that there are others out there with the same passion for our cameras – definitely a great club ;)

    Sorry I hadn’t seen this sooner – been totally ill with tonsillitis, yuck. thanks again!

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