film #1

These are some of the pictures from my first roll of film on my new old Canon.  And even though I wouldn’t say they are amazing I am pretty much in love with my new camera.  The detail is lost quite a bit in the shadows of some photos but it does have some great colours that I think are really effective and give it an aged look and it has a graininess – I am guessing that is from the ISO 400 film though.

I tried a bit of everything with this film. I don’t think anything didn’t “work” except perhaps for “faraway” landscapes in which it loses some detail but the colours do make up for it by giving a great 70s look.  I think it works really well with portraits (as long as you get the focus right).  I love how the portrait at the bottom (that is the Mr looking very unimpressed) has gold dust falling on his head.

The Canon AV-1 has a ‘safety’ mechanism with prevents you from taking a double exposure unless you rewind the film so there is no guarantee it will actually work.  My second exposures crossed over frames but it still worked alright in some.

I’ve put some more up on my facebook page so go and have a look.  I’d love to know what you think.

Film used: Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 iso

Credit for first photo: Maggie (FM Agency, new face); taken while assisting Donald Michael Chambers; MAU: Candy Alderson

3 thoughts on “film #1

  1. Michelle I LOVE these. They are so great. I really like how the closer images are really colour sharp and then, like you say, the more distant landscapes are less detailed but have the fab 70s look to them. Great work!

  2. Oh these are wonderful! I love the colours and the textures your camera captures. I love forming relationships with new cameras (even if they’re old). 🙂

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