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Marks and Spencers is my source of cute tins and (now) fabulous bottles.  I picked these up just because I love these type of bottles and figured it was cheaper than buying new ones from wherever you would get them.  Plus M&S are really on the ball with their design sometimes and I just love the art deco labels.

I had planned to do a little styled shoot with the bottles (yes I am that sad blogger) but after taking a couple shots on the digital camera I realised that I need to work a bit on my styling skills.  The only picture I liked was the one above taken with the Canon.  I just love the pink hue it has.

I might try some styling again this weekend with some additional props.

6 thoughts on “french soda

  1. Really like this photo. It’s got such a nice pinky hue to it. Styling is so hard, I just don’t have the patience! Looking forward to seeing more of your styling efforts xx

  2. Thanks for all the comments. It seems my next styling efforts might include 6 bottles (love my Mum – she knows how I think).

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