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On Saturday I went on a portrait photography workshop run by 36 Exp.  It was great learning Rosella who is an experienced fashion photographer as well as seeing how seven other people shoot.  Our model was Victoria who is an actress and a great model who was able to go for the whole session without much direction from us eight photographers.

We had 4 hours in which the teacher explained some concepts and then we moved through different lighting setups utilising natural light and then incorporating off camera flash.  As it was a glorious sunny day the light was quite harsh until we moved into the shade.  In order to soften it in post-production I did a little bit of gradient colour effect over one of the photos (see top) which is similar to these ones below which actually used a piece of sheer fabric to create an effect.  The ‘real thing’ definitely has more of an organic feel to it and inspires me to start being a bit more experimental with my photographs.

I couldn’t help getting a few shots of the paparazzi either.

There are some more pictures up on my facebook page.

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  1. These look so great Michelle, I love your portrait work. It’s good to see behind the scenes and hear how you got certain effects too. I’ve been meaning to go on a photography workshop for so long now. I’m shooting a friend’s wedding this weekend which is terrifying! Have a lovely week xx

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