move over peonies, lisianthus is in town


Peonies seem to be the darling buds of bloggers.  And yes they are beautiful and I myself have attempted to capture their beauty.  But seasons change and peonies have come and gone.  Enter lisianthus.  These have the lovely peony colour (although the M&S British grown flower range also had deep purple and white).  What do you think?  Is the Lizzy a good seasonal option?

4 thoughts on “move over peonies, lisianthus is in town

  1. Oh don’t remind that peonies are now out of season….it means my birthday is well and truly over! I do adore lisianthus though….they are so delicate looking, but their less regular form is more country-fied I think than roses and peonies. They look almost like they are from a glorious meadow!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about lisianthus (although maybe I have, just without knowing the name), but they’re really beautiful and you’ve captured them so well. I’ve been hunting for a little bunch of flowers in my area and just can’t find anything I like. I guess I need to get better at knowing the Australian flower seasons.

    1. Honestly, I had never heard of them before. Only really “got into” flowers this year. But I think they are really pretty. I can only image that native Australian flowers are similar to South African types – not all dainty and pretty but quite bright and ‘exotic’.

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