We have been in our non-furnished rental flat for almost a year and our lounge still looks pretty spare on the furniture front and our bedroom is crammed with odd bits that don’t quite hold all our belongings.  So when Fashion For Home contacted me to see if I would like a piece of furniture I first wondered if they had accidentally contacted the wrong person and then promptly scoured their site for something that would work in our flat.

After some discussion with the Mr and the Housemate I chose this set of drawers which I thought would work well outside a little nook between the kitchen and bathroom.  It is now home to our toiletries which have been sitting on the floor for the last year because there is no storage in our bathroom (don’t get me started).  I thought they had a sort of Swedish cottage feel that I quite like and will hopefully work when we move in the future.

The premise of Fashion for Home’s business is that you can get designer furniture for less because they cut out the high street middleman by only making furniture once you order it.  What this means is that you have to wait about 8 to 12 weeks for your furniture to be delivered but the cost savings are well worth it if you aren’t desperate for something to fill a space.  I had been eyeing out some furniture from a similar company before I was approached and think it is a great way to buy quality furniture that you are more likely to keep than bland ikea furniture.  I was also happy enough with their environmental credentials.  Although I would like to see more FSC approved furniture, many furniture companies still don’t offer this and so I won’t hold it against them.

Funnily while we were waiting for our new piece to arrive we also picked up a set of drawers a few streets away which need a lot of tlc.  My mum is going to help with it because she has experience of removing paint from furniture.  I don’t have any hopes for what lies beneath but there are a few too many layers of paint on it already to paint another layer on top.

8 thoughts on “furniture

  1. I love that pretty pink cake plate! And that chest of drawers is so unique. My non-furnished rental apartment is not nearly as nice as this single nook.


  2. love seeing my props you’ve bought from my stall at pimlico – CAPITALCARBOOT.COM – you put them together really nicely – and sometimes i think – WHY DID I SELL THAT!!!!!!
    love and look forward to the blog, do come down to pimlico again, lots of lovely design, inspiration, NYC lofty, cath kidston, scandinavian winter, wooden chairs & cushions, vintage blankets and quilts…..

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