southbank on a summer evening

I think two things in particular make London magical: summer and night time.  On Saturday if felt particularly summery with a lovely warm evening.  After a visit to the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate (sometimes I really don’t get modern art, either that or Hirst really knows how to take the mickey) we wandered along the Southbank towards the Royal Festival Hall.  The tide was high in the Thames and the sunset was really beautiful.  I just had to grab a couple of pictures even though they might be ‘done’.

There were so many people about and it had a real buzz going on with some live performances which seemed Brazilian inspired (although didn’t get close enough to see).

We ended at Yalla Yalla (a pop up next to the Festival Hall) which I had wanted to try before it packed up.  Honestly it wasn’t the best falafel wrap I had ever had and the service wasn’t particularly organised but they made a lovely apple, ginger and mint lemonade.

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    1. Ooh, go to Vespa Bar for a decadent hot chocolate with some friends on the odd occasion. Love their resident cat too.

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