Okay, have been an utter failure with my no eating out challenge this weekend (although haven’t bought lunch which is good).  I’ll start fresh today.  In the meantime you should go to Tuscanic on Old Compton Street.

It is pretty much how I imagine my kitchen will look like when I move to Italy – dark honey coloured wood, copper fixtures, white walls and full of delicious food*.  Half of the patrons seemed to be Italian which is a good sign to me that it must be “authentic”.  It serves a selection of mezze type food – crostinis, small pizzas and platters of cured meat and cheeses – which actually makes it a reasonable option for a light dinner.  Great pre-theatre option too I thought.

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5 thoughts on “tuscanic

  1. Hi Michelle, I am one of the director of Tuscanic and I am happy to know you had good time when you visited us. I look forward to seeing you again! Ciao, Leonardo

  2. definitely taking my new sicillian partner marco antonio to TUSCANIC… we met at the incredibly inspirational CAPITALCARBOOT.COM at pimlico.

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