feeling yellow

Last week flew by in a swirl of activity and today the Mr and I went for a walk on Wimbledon Common which was lovely with all the blue skies and crunchy leavess

I wore my chunky cowl that I made a few weeks ago but haven’t got around to sharing because I didn’t have a picture.  That said the picture you are getting is me holding sticks in one hand and mobile in the other.  Not exactly your standard fashion blogger pose.  I did try to get the Mr to take some ‘normal’ pictures of me but his posey-fake camera dude persona that he takes on means that I am always pulling annoyed faces.  Aren’t I glad I am not a fashion blogger!

I’ve been wanting a yellow scarf since last winter and finally got around to making myself a super-chunky cowl.  Handily, one of my local charity shops had some chunky cygnet wool in barley which is a warm mustardy colour.  I basically just double crocheted in a joined up circle – the join up perhaps not being the neatest but certainly good enough for me.

It will definitely add a nice bit of colour into London’s grey winter and keep me snuggly warm.

Also if you haven’t come across it Allison Lehman (from Be Up & Doing) is having a photo challenge month in November.  The first week is done but you can get involved for the rest of the weeks.  It is the same ‘prompt’ every week and fairly open with “capturing life” so something I felt I could get involved with even if I am running around like a headless chicken at the moment.  I am looking forward to seeing other’s submissions.

5 thoughts on “feeling yellow

  1. I love that colour, I’ve been after a dark green one but now I think my mind has been changed. We went for a walk around Peckham Rye Park today, haven’t been to Wimbledon Common yet though, will have to bear that in mind for another sunny Sunday!

    1. Hi Jo, I haven’t been to Peckham Rye Park so guess we’re even? I have yet to spot any Wombles but love disappearing into the forest.

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