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There have been some murmurs amongst several bloggers already and pinterest is throwing up some Christmas inspiration daily so I don’t feel too bad about jumping into the party.  We haven’t had a Christmas tree for about five years and I thought this year I would really make an effort.  It is going to be a big ol’ crafty one too.  As we don’t really own any special decorations I thought I would make some and I’m also going to try and make a few presents; although we don’t really do big gift giving we will have a couple secret Santa’s and there are a few birthdays too.

Here is my inspiration for the trees and decorations

I’m going for a grey, copper and wood  combo.  A colour combo that I am totally in love with right now, I’m thinking they’d make great colours for our lounge too (but that is for another day).  I already picked some branches yesterday and some “copper” glitter (which I think is just a mix of red and gold).  I also have a beaded reindeer that my Mum bought back for me from a holiday she just made back home to South Africa.

I’m also going to get some clay to make those now ubiquitous blogger Christmas decoration – but I still haven’t tried and I want to!

I have a whole host of Christmas ideas so look out for some more ideas to come.

Also, if you needed any extra help getting into the Christmas spirit Anna at Skin & Blister is doing a #ShareAdvent in which you can join in with all (or some) of her advent calendar activities.  Looks like fun.  Though I don’t think I will get around to doing them all I think some of those will definitely be on the list.

Sources for image 1: flag bunting | wood tree | copper tags, string, etc | tiles (original source missing) | measuring cups

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  1. I’ve been loving your Christmassy pins. I’m trying to think of a warm-weather suitable Christmas decoration theme – I don’t just want to replicate a northern Hemisphere winter in Australia! At the moment I’m tending to whites and golds, as our flat is mainly white and brown.

    1. Growing up in South Africa we always had a rather traditional day with roast and stockings and big gaudy tree. I would probably celebrate the sunshine and go outside. Christmas picnic? Definitely make it more ‘authentic’ to your location, though I imagine Aussies are a lot like South Africans.

  2. So pleased you are joining in! Thank you for blogging about it. Even if people only join in with one or two or switch them about it would be lovely for people to join in xx

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