the weekend

On Sunday I went to see the Klein + Moriyama exhibition at the Tate.  I think the best part about having a Tate membership card is that I find out about and get the chance to see things that I wouldn’t normally.  A few weeks before going to the exhibition I had seen the BBC documentary on William Klein which was really interesting.  He was one of the first photographers to take his street photography style into fashion to make it more ‘real’  I really loved his work which had a real energy and rawness to it.  Moriyama’s work I found less captivating in comparison but still always interesting to see other’s work.  The exhibition is on until 20 January and I would suggest going if you are a keen photo enthusiast.

Really inspires you to go out and become a street photographer.  I also definitely want to use my film camera more in the new year.  I finally finished my second role so will get that developed soon and hopefully have some pics to share.

Afterwards we headed down the Southbank and had lunch at the Riverfront Kitchen at the BFI.  I hadn’t been before and it was quite good, if a little pricey.

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