painting furniture – a bit of how

Yay finally weather which allowed me to take a picture of my new furniture.  Not the most “fabulous” interior shots but you get the point.

We have been in our flat for over a year and our lounge still looked like student digs with no furniture.  We finally snapped and bought two Ikea PS side cabinets to use as a TV stand.  However I really wanted to personalise them and after seeing this Ikea pimp I decided to do the same but with some alternative colours.  I went for a grey/black/copper combo which I am currently obsessed with but think is classic enough that it will be a while before I need to repaint them.

I used Farrow & Ball paints, not because I have delusions of grandeur but because there is one in Wimbledon and they sell mini pots.  The colours are left to right drainpipe (dark grey). pitch black and elephant’s breath (light grey).  The copper (second from right) is MontanaGold copperchrome spraypaint.  The process was basically sanding the doors a bit and then painting a few layers of paint.  The elephant breath was what F&B call “eggshell” which is a slightly gloss paint.  This one went on much better than the normal enamel paint.  Unfortunately their sample sizes are only available in the enamel but I did get a larger tin of the eggshell and used it as a base coat under the black coat (as I’d already painted the grey without the base).

The spraypaint we just painted directly without sanding or any preparation.  This was the much quicker option and depending on the colour choices you want, I would suggest would be the way to go.  I would also suggest a non-windy day so that the black bag you are using to “protect” the ground doesn’t flap up and smush your paint job.

I haven’t got around to taking pictures of the drawers that we picked up off the street and revamped last weekend but will hopefully get there seen.

14 thoughts on “painting furniture – a bit of how

  1. They look fab. I’m planning a similar thing using spray paints – have you got any ‘with hindsight’ tips now they’ve been done for a couple of weeks? Eg primer ?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Kate, if you are using spray paint I wouldn’t say a primer is necessary. It went on super easy and dried quickly so in hindsight i,’d have done all the doors with it.

      1. Hi Michelle,
        Did you apply a final sealer to the paint/spray paint? I spray painted a similar cabinet but any light object moved on the cabinet scratches it taking off some of the paint away. Thinking of using a clear gloss spray paint sealer

        1. Hi Christian. I didn’t apply a sealer because I only had it on the doors so wasn’t really worried about too much wear and tear on that part. I had them about a year before I left the country and they still looked good then. If you are planning on painting the top a sealer might be a good idea though. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Hi, I had the idea that I might try something like this and googled and found you–these are really handsome. I am terrified that if I spray mine they will end up gloppy. Is that irrational, or are there any other tricks you used? Avoiding a windy day is a good start, for sure, and although the brand you describe will not be available here in the US, a high-quality brand will no doubt be a good idea. . . thanks for any further thoughts.

    1. Hi Matthew, I think if you just follow the instructions on the can on distance etc it should be fine. If you can do it in a garage or something that is protected would be great (we actually just did it inside our flat). If you keep an even hand should be absolutely fine. It was definitely easier with the spray paint instead of the normal paint and with the finish of the ikea piece it went on really easily. Also the fact that it comes flat pack means it is really easy to paint before you put it together (or even to take the doors off if it is already together). Good luck and let me know how it goes.

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