happy friday

personalised noted book - mycreative Youch.  First ‘full’ week back at work (slightly different considering I only work four days a week).  Was a bit of a struggle but we got there in the end.

My highlights were speaking to my friend in Australia (getting a house tour and telling our engagement story) and starting Italian lessons.  The notebook above is for the latter.  I thought it needed a bit of personalisation.  Super easy with copper acrylic paint and a cut out heart.*

Here are some links for the weekend:

Loving this tattly.

Looking forward to these going on sale.

Time to get serious about food waste.

A new favourite food blog.

Have a great weekend!

*FYI: there are going to be lots of things with that copper paint around here.  I bought a huge jar thinking I would paint my cabinet with it but decided on spray paint instead.


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