curiosity box christmas swop

curiosity box secret santa swap

Over the festive season I took part in a few blog/twitter swaps.  I like the concept of gifting something on to someone you have never met and potentially know very little about.  They also give you an opportunity to be creative with what you can do within the price bracket.

This is a little late but the Christmas box swap with the Curiosity Project was the first I signed up for.  It was supposed to have an “interior” theme and Byrony (my secret santa) gave me something for each season which I thought was super clever.  Those hearts are going to go up for Valentine’s Day me thinks.  Will have to think of some crafty opportunities for the shells (perhaps a nice summertime party decor?).  Byrony made the mosaic mirror herself.

My gift to my participant included some homemade brittle, and some awesome postcards (potentially for framing) as well as some homemade Christmas decorations.

Thanks to Byrony and Curiosity Project for organising.

I also took part in a print swap and #blogmanay swap through twitter which will come up later.  If you are interested in taking part in one Anna from Skin & Blister is hosting a valentine one.

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