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vegan cranberry and chocolate biscuits - mycreative I often bake something for presents as it is something that won’t crowd a person’s house with stuff, is generally well received (note  think carefully before giving to someone on diet) and requires some though and effort on my part.  Bonus: it is the best way to get around to baking without eating all the spoils yourself.

For my friend’s birthday this weekend I attempted to make these vegan shortbread from Love and Lemons.  Unfortunately, they didn’t come out much like shortbread but they still tasted pretty darn good.  I couldn’t find the suggested topping of pistachio nuts at the shop so went for a cranberry and chocolate combination which I think is always a winner, although the possibilities are endless.

Also, if you like making treats for valentine’s day this is a good alternative to a box of chocolates.


  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 cup spelt flour
  • ¼ cup vegan margarine
  • ¾ cup coconut oil
  • ¾ cup golden sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt
  • handful of cranberries and vegan dark chocolate for the top



  1. preheat oven to 180ºC
  2. combine the vanilla extract, margarine and oil.  It helps if the oil is softened already as it if it is lumpy it requires a lot more work .
  3. combine all the dry ingredients,
  4. Add the oil mix to the dry mix until thoroughly combined.  Get your hands stuck in  It has quite a crumbly texture and I didn’t get mine to make a ball (as per Love and Lemon’s instructions)
  5. Press into a grease and lined tray that has a lip.  Mine were quite thin, maybe a centimetre thick.
  6. Sprinkle toppings and press in slightly
  7. Cook for between 20 and 30 minutes (until browned). At this stage I was concerned. It looked kind of greasy and not particularly appetising to be honest.
  8. Let cool and cut.


Makes approximately 30 biscuits

Excuse the single picture of them in a jar. I was running late to the party and ate the leftovers before they made it to a pretty plate for a more styled picture.  Told you they were good.


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  1. As the recipient of these I can confirm that they were very yummy and made a perfect present! And as a bonus I’ll now have to think of what to bake so I can re-gift the jar. How long is it until your birthday Michelle?! x

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