happy friday

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Happy Friday!  Best part about this week.  It is snowing and it is my day off so I don’t have to weather the weather.

You might see a pattern forming in my happy friday pictures with the hearts. Sorry about that, but I am in to personalising things at the moment and hearts are quite a simple and quick way to do that.  I made these for my #blogmanay gift.  I am now thinking it might make some cool wall art…

For #blogmanay we also had to make a playlist. The recommendation was 5 songs.  I thought I would do something different and go for lady singers with red hair (at least at one point).  I call it red hair rockers.  You can listen to the list I made here.  I’ll make the list from my gift giver over the weekend and share later.

Here are some links for the weekend

cross-stitch heart notepad2 - mycreative Have a good weekend!

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