movie making | a morning in cannizaro park

Last weekend I took photos of some friends in a local park (catch them later this week).  As an adventure in movie making Tim and I thought it would be fun for him to make a movie of us in action. I absolutely love it, including the guest appearance of the squirrel.

I think everyone should have mini movies made of themselves for no other reason that it is such a great memento to have.  What do you think?

5 thoughts on “movie making | a morning in cannizaro park

  1. What a gorgeous mini movie! Beautifully shot and captures the couple in such an adorable way, simply stunning. And so nice to see lots of ways of taking photographs away from digital, I remember so well loading up the film in my mum’s old camera and taking them to be developed. Like magic to see what would come out :).

    Super congrats to you & Tim for a scrumptiously beautiful film & shoot!!

    1. I am definitely having fun with the film, though it is a bit more ‘scary’ because you don’t know what is going to come out. Thanks for your kind words too!

  2. Lovely little video, and I agree with Kathryin, the couple is so sweet. How clever to shoot with the blanket. The squirrel was my favorite part, and the closing, with them walking away holding hands.
    Being able to see you in action was nice too! I remember film, and polaroids are magic, still now.

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