happy friday

happy-friday-spring-flowers spring-flowers-st-jamess-park4 spring-flowers-st-jamess-park3 spring-flowers-st-jamess-park2 spring-flowers-st-jamess-park1 And then spring came!  What isn’t there too be happy about.  The blossom in St James’s Park are amazing.  It is like they just popped up over night.

Otherwise it has been a very busy week.  I am working on my website/blog for my portrait photography services and will hopefully have that with you in the next two weeks (or sooner if I am really on it).  It has taken me a while to get to the point where I feel that I am ready.  But I think there is always a nagging doubt in your own creative abilities when you want to charge people for a service/product.  I’m excited to share it with you soon.

I also have to admit with putting all these projects out there (have you seen the sidebar widgets for Post Production and my photo gatherings?) I have been a little anxious.  Failure is always an option I suppose but putting multiple projects out there to fail at the same time is pretty daunting!  Added to that Tim has handed in his notice to give up teaching at the end of the academic year.  I am so so so excited for us to collaborate on projects and for him to have the opportunity to pursue some of his dreams but of course there is a little bit “crap I will be the only ‘steady’ income earner”.

I am pretty sure the excitement will all return next week but in the mean time I am taking my anxiety, recognising it and doing a lot of deep breathing.

Here are some links for you:

  • I am taking photos at the Inkygoodness Beermat Launch party next Tuesday.  You should come along if you are in London.
  • My motivation for this week.
  • Blog of the week: Yes and Yes.  Sarah has soo much good advice, you might get lost.


Have a lovely weekend!

4 thoughts on “happy friday

  1. What gorgeous photos! and good luck to you and Tim. Really brave, exciting thing to do and I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting journey to success. Never stop believing 🙂

  2. That blossom is stunning! I’ve seen some lovely examples about but don’t think my rubbishy digital camera can really do it justice – must get some film for my lomo cameras!

    You’re being so productive at the moment it’s making me feel lazy! 😉 I’ll try and pop along to the beermat launch party tomorrow if I get a chance.

  3. Congrats to you & Tim on your exciting new adventures – I am totally jealous and take such comfort and encouragement from people who instead of talk about their dreams go out an make them happen. I have a deadline in my head that I will do exactly that in 1 year’s time! So well done to you both and try to not let the fear cloud the excitement – you will look back when you are both old and wrinkly together and say “remember when we were young and did that wonderfully wild thing, how much fun was that!” 🙂 i’m excited to watch & learn. x

    1. Thanks Kathryn. Look forward to hearing how your adventures go. Definitely an exciting time and 100% positive we won’t regret it.

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