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little-bird-gin-2-mycreative little-bird-gin-3-mycreative little-bird-gin-1-mycreative After the Eat & Snap group on Saturday the die hards decided to go for a cocktail at one of the interesting looking venues along Maltby Street.  We settled on Little Bird Gin because it had pretty glasses.  Yup that is the way these bloggers roll.  We sat at an old sewing table and found some vintage scissors and a bobbin inside.

I have to admit the drink was a little strong for my palette but I’d buy another one and sit down there on a lovely weekend all the same.

It is quite funny how when you start looking for something it pops up.  As part of Eat & Snap I suggested some things people should look for to ‘concentrate the mind’ as it were.  One of those things was red.  You can see it popped up very prominently at the table we sat at.  As well as in a few of my other photos of the day.

6 thoughts on “drink | little bird gin

    1. I didn’t even know it was there ’til this weekend. Glad we were directed there to discover it and will definitely be heading back. Look forward to you coming along to the next one.

  1. Love Little Bird and the Maltby Street market! We actually just finished our last bottle yesterday (it has the Sparrow label on it from before they changed the name). Will have to make a trip back for more! The bloody Mary’s there are my fave.

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