creative capture challenge one

creative-capture-challenge After my first Eat&Snap “walk-shop” I wondered how I could share learning with people who might not be able to make the classes or wanted something more afterwards.  At the same time I got my degree through distance learning and think that self-reflective/self-motivated study can be incredibly rewarding, although the support of fellow students was always helpful. So I’m excited to be sharing this new series idea and hope you will get involved and become part of a community supporting others on a photographic journey.

There are plenty of photography challenges out there (365 projects, 52 week projects, a photo for every day of the month and many more), so you might wonder why you would want another one.  Basically, I hope that this one is a little more … considered.  You can contribute one photo or several around each month’s ‘project inspiration’.  Rather than give you a list of random words I will give you a spark of an idea which you can make your own.  I encourage you to explore techniques, composition elements, etc so that the photo is the best that you can make it.

capture challenge one: reinterpretation/re-creation

I have talked about this concept before when I visited the Lichtenstein exhibition.  The concept of copying others work in order to learn is one which I have come across and think is useful, but reinterpreting rather than directly copying requires a little more thought.  The first challenge is to take an art piece that you like and reinterpret it using photography.  It can be still life or portrait or anything else.

How will it work:  Get in touch to be added to the google+ community where we will have the space to discuss our ideas and share our final project.  You can take the photo on any sort of camera you have.  If you are using a mobile phone concentrate on composition elements, if you are a dslr user consider technique and camera settings as well.

Deadline: 1 July

On 4 July I will do a post on my blog sharing links to your posts or posting images directly on my site (if you don’t have a site) of your final project.

I will be doing the projects along with you so I look forward to seeing what I come up with as well as you!

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