too many jugs?

jug-collection-mycreative blue-jugs-mycreative green-jug-mycreative I think there is something in the nature of humans that makes us collectors.  Even if you are minimalist to the bone there is something that you collect.  It seems I have started collecting jugs.  Each one is a different size and perfect for something.

The green one is a family heirloom.  The rest are charity shop or carboot finds.

From holding gravy, milk, maple syrup to flowers – jugs are incredibly versatile and a necessity for any household.

The yellow jug was perfect for a bouquet of sunflowers.

The little jug to me has a very Nordic design and is perfect for chocolate sauce for two when making pancakes.

Tim thinks we have too many.  I disagree.

7 thoughts on “too many jugs?

  1. Oh this is so funny. I finally convinced Mark to get a milk jug and sugar bowl set this weekend… we did not have any and he thought it was useless and unnecessary. I managed to change his mind and now we have a yellow jug with a red handle, kind of similar to yours I think. But if I started collecting them… he would go crazy (though I do have a few teapots and I am still craving one of those Japanese metal ones).

  2. Well I didn’t think I collected them….. but since I seem to have about 8, maybe I do!
    Beautiful photography – really love the green and gold jug.

    1. Yes I think my collection seemed to happen without me actively seeking out jugs. There is just something awfully lovely about them.

  3. Definitely not too many jugs. My mum has a dresser FULL of them. Dad lost that argument about 20 mins after they got married.

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