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the-wolseley-mycreative I have a new favourite place. There are a couple on my list. Basically places where a visit makes me feel an extra notch or two happy. Gelupo. The Anthropologie store. And now The Wolseley.  I went with two girlfriends. We decided we would go somewhere special every other month.  This is only our second outing but not sure how it will be topped.

We decided to go for breakfast.  The restaurant is beautiful and if we could package it into a smaller apartment I would move in.  We started with a grapefruit (deciding we would live with squirting people around us with citrus juice). Here is what makes The Wolseley special though. Aside from serving it in a silver ice filled bowl it was all ready segmented for us. Thus we pulled off eating it without making a mess of ourselves. The girls then had croque madames and I went for the french toast with berries. Literally the best I have ever had. Brioche type bread and generous serving of berries. I was in heaven.

The surprising thing is that The Wolseley isn’t that expensive.  The very generous french toast was under £10 and for two lattes, grapefruit, french toast and tip I paid £25.  We sat for two and half hours nattering, falling in love with the dashingly dressed, very much in love couple seated near us and we thoroughly enjoyed our surroundings without feeling rushed or hurried (something that has happened in far inferior restaurants). Well worth the money spent and definitely going to be coming back regularly.

[photos taken on camera phone – just can’t bear to take a big camera out in such a fancy place.  Just me?]

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