upcycle a shopping bag

gift-bag-diy-mycreative I bought myself a little something from Anthropologie the other day and thought that their bags which are rather sturdy and  attractive with their ribbon handles could be put to good use as a gift bag with a little bit of effort.   anthropologie-bag-mycreative dymo-label-mycreative The logo is small enough that it can be easily covered.  I used a Dymo label-maker to make a little “happy happy happy” cover up.  A strip of washi tape would serve a good purpose too I am sure. copper-spray-paint-mycreative A little bit of spray paint on the bottom to give it a little extra glamour.  (Admit it you all have some spray paint hanging around somewhere in your house).  My spray paint skills aren’t that good but hey you don’t need to be professional to paint a bag right.  The spray paint was totally inspired by Marie who you can find on twitter and who you need to work on to start her own blog. upcycled-gift-bag-mycreative It worked well for a plain brown bag too.  Now who can suggest any other shopping bags I can give a new lease of life.

3 thoughts on “upcycle a shopping bag

  1. Funny how sometimes the most simplest things just dont cross my mind! I love it! and I have plenty of bags I can give a make-over to! YES! Thanks for sharing! x

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