creative capture challenge two

creative-capture-challenge A couple weeks ago I was on a train, one of the less loved variety, headed out to Kent.  As I was going past stations  I thought how unattractive some of them were and how they could do with a lick of paint or a bit of cleaning up.  At one, however, I noticed a great pattern that formed in the lines of the rail on the stairs.

So my challenge this month is to go somewhere “ugly” and photograph its beauty.  Or take an ugly object.  I won’t suggest you ask an ugly friend.

Simply because the camera has the wonderful ability to isolate and help the photographer find the beautiful. It might be the way the light falls somewhere, or the pattern that something creates, or how a macro shot isolates something interesting.

I am reminded of that plastic bag scene in American Beauty.  But hope that you don’t find this task that cheesy!

You can take part in the photo challenge simply by posting about it on your blog.  Or you can join the little community I have set up over on google+.  The deadline for me sharing it on my blog is 29 July, but you are of course free to post to your own blog (or the community) after that date.

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