creative capture challenge | reveal ii

capture_challenge_2_mycreative Capture challenge this month was to photograph the beauty in the ugly.

I am a bit late posting about it as I am in one of those rare moments where lugging my camera arounds seems like a bit of an effort. However, I have been loving my new phone (using it primarily as a camera) and I am afraid you will be seeing a lot of iPhone pictures around here.  I’ve been enjoying the simpler process of just pointing and shooting. Plus it just feels like less pressure.

I don’t often stop to take the ‘beauty in the ugly’ shot as it always seems to be spotted in those inbetween places when I am generally in a rush. I really struggled with this and just stopping to take the picture.

This photo was taken on a day off while exploring a new area we might move to.  I loved the shape of the “anti-intruder” fencing and with the blue sky and white building thought it made quite an interesting abstract image.

It appears that the camera phone was a popular choice with the other participants and that it was in the forced waiting in those “inbetween places” that pictures were often taken. It is also interesting to note how urban elements were often considered ugly but by placing something there it became beautiful.

Thanks to the participants for taking part. If you want to join in I will be announcing the next challenge on Thursday.


Tobias (“the law”) | Tim (“post office” and “smashed glass”) | Elena (“industrial arches”) | Katie (“bus”) | Emma (“train station”) | Kelly (“on the road”) | Isabel (“art and industrial”)

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