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I currently have two homes! One is the flat that I am living in with my housemate until the end of the month when our lease ends. The other is our new flat in Italy where Tim is installed and I have only seen through a plethora of photos kindly provided by the former tenant. This is likely to be the only time in my life I can say that.

So, I am currently decorating our Italian flat that I have never physically seen, from a distance, on a limited budget, with the restriction of furnished property (in the style of grandma-meets-early-90s-Ikea). My current aesthetic is grey/neutrals Nordic-minimalism (yes I know, original) and this flat doesn’t quite agree with that. It has some great features like lots of light and parquet flooring in the lounge and bedroom but also a blue tiled bathroom, the bedroom has an excess of shiny black and/or mirrored wardrobes and generally the storage solutions are very strangely placed. I am by no means an interior styling mavin so this is going to be a challenge. Once I get there I will share some progress pictures on how I go about making it home, but in the meantime I thought I would share some inspiration.

First up is the bedroom cupboard solution. I had thought of getting some ‘renters’ wallpaper but unfortunately though it is beautiful it is a bit beyond the budget. (If you are thinking of some options Joanna suggested Photowall and Surface View which both look to have awesome products). Instead I am pondering a simple solution of sticking pictures to the cupboard! I am thinking a monochromatic palette would work well. The question is whether I go for polaroid type prints or larger images.


In the blue bathroom I had originally thought of going for some grey accessories (brave I know) but then thought hey let’s go all colourful in this and maybe the blue will look less … ‘blue’. Tim was able to pick up a flamingo shower curtain at Ikea and I think some other quirky splashes of colour will certainly make for fun.

colourful-bathroom-solutions I am also having a basket obsession and hoping I will be able to find some for random storage around the flat, including at the front door if I am able to evict a particularly dated entrance stand.


Have you had any rental quirks that you have found good solutions for? I’d love to hear about them. Links welcomed!

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