happy friday

Forest Gallery | Cereal+Protein Gallery Exhibition


  • So the most exciting thing that happened this week (although I actually found out last week but had to keep it down low) was having my photo selected for Cereal Magazine and Protein’s Forest Exhibition.  My photo is currently hanging in a gallery in Shoreditch! And is in the latest issue of Cereal!
  • This was also a great motivation to finally get my photography site up. What was originally going to be a female focussed portrait business (I believe my portrait portfolio still hints at this) has evolved into a simple photography portfolio. Apparently the slider images aren’t showing on the mobile site but let me know what you think of the rest.
  • Also, I am (almost) done with moving Phase I (in which I depart our flatshare and crash at a friend for three weeks before moving to Italy). Moving house on your own is a hard task and I take my hat off to people who do it this way normally.  There are still a few more things to do but the bulk is there.


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    1. Thank you, need to add some more but it was up there in time for me to *not* hand out business cards at the gallery exhibition

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