i’m off

mind the gap I feel I should have some profound words of wisdom as I say goodbye to living in London, maybe for a while, maybe for good. At this stage it is all a mystery.

The past eight years in this city have been the most amazing of my life so far. I have made the most amazing friends, lived in some of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world (yup I would say that), discovered more of who I am and grew a love that will last a life time. I know there are many people and things I will miss but I am really excited for our new adventures and look forward to sharing them here.

I have organised a week of guest posts for the coming week talking about adventure, while I get settled in our new home.

Oh, and if you find yourself in Trieste in the future, drop me a line.

Here are some London links:

If you have any other London favourite’s let me know and I will add it to my London pinterest board.

8 thoughts on “i’m off

  1. Eeee! So very excited for you! Safe journey over, Im looking forward to reading and reminiscing about Italy, you may feel nostalgic about London now but life in Italy will be a fabulous dream believe me! X x

  2. I just chuckled to myself on the bus thinking of the Great White Buffalo at blogger events. Who else is going to understand that joke!?!? You can’t leave me!
    But I suppose if you must then you have to have the best time ever, and enjoy Italy so much, and eat ALL THE FOOD!
    See you soon!!! xxxx

  3. All the best with your new adventure! I’m sure it will be super exciting – can’t wait to read about what you experience and come across! 🙂 Enjoy your time over there!!

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