trieste and the fog

like atlantis fog and light in trieste crane disappearing into the fog fog and a boat fog and sea in trieste

I’m getting used to the weather in Trieste.  Yesterday was blowing a mad wind (I am wondering if this is the infamous Bora).  It is generally rather mild.  Last week was mostly grey but this week has been sunnier.

Last Friday started off grey, turned beautifully sunny and then this amazing fog had rolled in by the time I had got down to the sea-front in the afternoon. It was still really beautiful and felt kind of eerily magical. The one strip of land that jutted out was getting some sunlight on it and I thought it liked it looked like Atlantis (if it rose out the water).  The locals all seemed a bit non-plussed and were taking their usual walk along the broadwalk and down the pier, or fishing or playing guitar or making out.

Thanks also to Instagramers Fruili Venezia Giulia for selecting my photo along the broadwalk as photo of the day last week.

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