be a bit jellyfish

be more jellyfish jellyfish against the wall jellyfish detail On Friday it was a holiday in Italy. The weather was perfect – blue skies, almost 20 degrees! – and Tim and I went for a bit of a tourist wander. After lunch we ended up at the sea-front and noticed that there were a whole bunch of jellyfish bobbing around.  There must have been hundreds.  Not quite sure what they were doing but they looked pretty chilled out. Proof is in this little insta-video.

Then I thought – sometimes you just need to be a bit more jellyfish. Switch off your brain (because you have one), slow down, just go with the flow a  bit. If you come up against the wall, just pause and then float another direction. Obviously this isn’t advice for all times and situations in life but so many of us are so busy just being crazy busy it is good just to sometimes be a bit more … ‘jellyfish’. I think we would all be a bit better for it.

So, Tim and I then sat on the pier for the next two hours, waiting for sunset, people watching and reading our books. I was reading the perfect accompaniment – the latest Kinfolk magazine which is all about reclaiming the weekend. Such a good one.

p.s. did you know the Italian word for jellyfish is medusa. I was very excited the day after looking it up to hear a young girl shouting this to her parents when looking into the sea. If I hadn’t done this, I might have been a little concerned about what was about to come out of it!

12 thoughts on “be a bit jellyfish

  1. They are so beautiful, the jellyfish exhibit was my favorite at the Monterey aquarium (well maybe there was a tie with the sea otters).
    I did know their name is medusa, but that’s only because we call them the same in Spanish too.

  2. I love this – I’m definitely trying to be a bit more jellyfish right now and let some things go to chill out a bit more. I can’t believe you took that video from the pier – I thought it was in an aquarium!

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