happy friday

happy friday big red sun This week I am grateful for

  • the amazing sunsets we get here. we have a great view between two blocks of flats and can see just a little bit of the sea and exactly where the sun comes down. The light that comes into the flat is just dreamy (imaging a photoshoot inside one day – someone come visit!)
  • success in baking with the new gas oven – I’ve never baked with gas and went super rustic with no mixer, cooling on a shelf from the fridge (as I don’t have a wire rack) and cooking with fire. I feel pretty hardcore really.
  • eventually finding cinnamon, paprika and cumin (although will need to get something to grind it). I’m also tempted to buy the jar of nutmeg which has a teeny tiny grater in it. Just because it has the teeny tiny grater.
  • loving everyone taking part in the photo challenge I created (you can still join in if you are feeling in the mood). You can see some on instagram too.

Weekend links

  • want to knock the socks off your dinner guests this festive season? How about an online table-top styling workshop from the amazing Justina Blakeney
  • and sticking with the festive scene Anna is doing her #SharedAdvent again this year. You can find more details on her blog but I’m definitely going to get involved for at least some.
  • I’m eager to try some more authentic Italian cooking. I think Hortus is going to be some great inspiration (plus she has the site in Italian too so I can practice my Italian).
  • Loving the jewellery from Rachel Loves Bob, especially this piece.

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