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It is that time of the year when I start thinking about a little bit of Christmas decor. The stores here are amazing. There are a whole bunch which seem to be selling solely Christmas items and whole aisles dedicated to nativity elements! I imagine little Italian families buying a different addition each year – a cow, a street lamp (yeah some pieces are a bit weird). I am not sure what takes up space on the shelves at other times of year – I suppose I will find out. Sadly it isn’t quite to my taste but I love the festive cheer and will certainly be buying a supply of the fake snow for the windows!

Last year I went all out copper, but this year I am a bit more uncertain. Whichever way I go it will have to be done on a strict budget of about €10, so we will see how we can make it happen. I am tempted to go late at night to a nearby Piazza and snip some boughs from a couple of the olive trees (hopefully the Italian authorities aren’t reading this). I am really loving the idea of bringing some festive greenery into the house.

Perhaps with a touch of zinc …

a zinc and green christmas inspiration board or maybe even much simpler with just some greenery and wooden elements a wood and green christmas inspiration board Despite all this simplicity I am tempted by these – Christmas lama anyone?

I am pinning away lots of inspiration over on my holiday board if you want to see more.

These are some other goodies to check out: Hege in France | Tiffany Grant-Riley | Rowen and Wren

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Zinc 1 | 2 (please let me know if you know the original source) | 3 | 4 Wood 1 | 2 | 3

4 thoughts on “christmas inspiration

  1. Of course I forgot about the Christmas festivities and decorations, you have envoked a few memories! The little pop up Christmas stores are crazy aren’t they?! Love the idea of using simple, and natural elements to your decoration theme, unfortunately my daughter really understands it all and at 3yrs old wants our house to be full of tacky stuff, there will have to be some compromise somewhere!

  2. these are awesome – i am also keen to get into the Christmas spirit – although… my budget is roughly €5 – let’s have a cheapskateChristmas decor competition!! haha

    1. oh dear. I was going to write €2 but thought that was unlikely. Let’s hope we can get something festive up. last year I picked up some sticks on wimbledon common for a stick tree.

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