happy friday

happy-friday-autumn-leaves A lack of motivation last week and a lack of internet this week has lead to some silence around here. I have to say life without internet is hard – especially when you are a blogging/pinterest addict. Hopefully it will be fixed soon otherwise I might become a coffee addict when I visit the cafe with internt. I started drinking it more ‘seriously’ since I have been here but only on the weekend. I am not brave enough to have the ‘nero’ (espresso to non-Triestines) but been enjoying the caffe latte (coffee with milk more than a traditional caffe latte). There is an intense cafe culture here and some friends are planning a ‘coffee hop’ to try the different brands. I am not sure I will survive but will give it a try!

This week I am grateful for

  • my winter coat. It is not needed every day but there is a strong wind that blows here which is pretty cold.
  • coffee shops with internet! The internet at our flat stopped working over the weekend and even though it took me the better part of a week I finally made my way to one so that I could send some emails and put up some blog posts!
  • the return of Tim from a school trip he went on all of last week. It is amazing how my motivation totally drops when I have no-one holding me accountable. My plans to be more productive this week were scampered with the death of our internet. Maybe next week!

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