gift guide | ceramic mugs

ceramic mug love A little while ago I was drinking out a ceramic mug and it has such a warm and comforting feeling to drink out of something handmade. Have you experienced this?

Having moved and not having brought much of our ‘stuff’ with us I am craving homey, comforting, special pieces. We don’t really have the funds for a splurge but if I think I might slowly collect beautiful pieces that I can be drinking out of when I am 60.

These are a few of my favourite spotted around the internet lately: Bulb Design Studio | Toast | Ebury (two in middle) | Folklore | Decorators Notebook. I love the earthy colours and am in equal amounts of love with the glazed and matte varieties.

I think ceramic tableware would also make a lovely gift as it requires some careful consideration to match the person to the correct ceramic style.

Also you might want to start following Ederle until the shop is up because I want the whole collection of that.

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