waterlogue picture of Trieste by mycreative waterlogue "you are my sushine" italian mycreative waterlogue image of pomegranate seeds and yoghurt by mycreative waterlogue images of boat and staircase by mycreative Last week I read about a new app over on Claire’s blog about a new app called waterlogue. I have been a fan of watercolour for a while but sadly don’t have much talent in that department. When I saw Rosa Park instagram a waterlogue image a little later I decided I had to check this thing out for myself.

What I think it works well with is simple images which don’t require too much detail (though my pomegranate seeds above do just look like a red mass I still like the colour). Also architectural and landscape are great. Look at the water! I think with people it is best for up close and uncluttered images as it loses too much detail when they are far away.

I think the developers of this app did a great job and love the attention to detail. For example the paper texture that the images have. You have to pay for this app but seriously (and maybe this is just an indication of how tragic I am) the best £2 I’ve spent in a while. That said just watching the process of the photos turn into watercolours isn’t enough to keep me going. I am thinking the images would make great cards and postcards, maybe a piece of art for a gallery wall (if that ever gets around to happening) and fun for other ‘designy’ projects. I might also finally make a water colour journal of my next holiday. Something that I have wanted to do for a long time but just got frustrated with when I tried with paints. I take my hat off to the talented people who can paint.

What do you think? And what would you do with it?

6 thoughts on “waterlogued

  1. Love the photos you’ve chosen to ‘paint’ Michelle. Such fun, isn’t it! I hardly ever buy apps, but agree this one is definitely worth the money. I’m liking your holiday journal idea a lot : )

    1. Yes the key is to get enough photos. Maybe even printing them out and putting them in a book rather than attempting to find a small enough book. Though I think Artifact Uprising does 5×5 inch books which might work quite well.

  2. Ahhhh I’ve been sooooooo tempted to buying the app myself after seeing folk on IG posting awesome images. Like you said, i’m totally impressed with the detail and they do make some wonderful artwork! I think your post may just be that extra little push I needed! 😀 x

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