capture challenge iv – moodboard

capture challenge iv - moodboard

So the last capture challenge was to create a mood board of photos that had a cohesive feel and tone. I wanted to create something that had the feeling of contemplation and romanticism with a sense of adventure and exploration. What do you think? Did I get it?

Pictured here are some recent purchases (decorative paper and a notebook), a shoot that I did with Joanne Heckadon (who has been busy working on her shop where I got the ‘adventure’ notebook) and some iphone snaps taken from a moving car while driving through Slovenia. I made one into a watercolour because I love this new app and thinks it rocks as a watercolour.

Claire also took part, sharing her image on the capture challenge group board. If you still want to try it out still leave a comment linking to your post.

I will do the capture challenge five next week. I am thinking another 30 day project (which I am pretty useless at). What do you think?

4 thoughts on “capture challenge iv – moodboard

  1. I’m playing about with a collage now but it doesn’t look how I want. grooooan.
    the 30 day ones are so hard! How about a month but broken down into weeks? like a theme for the week? Maybe? I have literally never finished a 30 day one and I want to join in! xx

    1. That is an excellent idea Anna! I knew I kept you around for a reason 😉 I never seem to finish 30 day challenges either!

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