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We spent another weekend in Slovenia. It is amazing living so close to another country! This was even more of a relaxing one. We stayed in a thermal spa hotel which was a bit of a time warp to the 1970s but pretty amazing. We mostly spent our time sleeping and reading with a dip in the thermal waters and a couples massage and wondering around in bathrobes and slippers like the other hotel guests. So relaxing in fact that this is the one photo I took!

On the Saturday we eschewed the inclusive dinner to visit a local restaurant. It was excellent! We started with a yummy cheese platter including a local cheese which was like paneer and halloumi had a baby and ended with a shared dessert plate with chocolate pudding with blueberries, roast grape ice-cream and some other amazing bits. We then got given some complimentary cherry liquor which was so good and tasted like liquid Christmas that I had to ask if they sold it. I don’t know if they normally do but the owner obliging sold us his last bottle.

I’m now planning our next trip – we definitely need to head to Ljubljana.

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  1. Hello from a new reader! I love Italy and went interrailing round there for 2 weeks last year. Slovenia is also on ‘the list’ and I came so close to going when I found return flights for £12 but no-one would come with me (how mean). Can’t wait to hear more about Ljubljana when you get round to going.

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