like you love yourself

like you love yourself

I came across this quote last week and it spoke so much to me that I thought I would write it out and put it on my wall. It is not an easy task to love yourself. I struggle with it. I am critical, put myself down, judge myself and then get into a feeling sorry for myself state of mind, eat a bag of crispy M&Ms and feel bad all over again. I am hoping this will give me some motivation to be kinder to myself emotionally but also be kinder to my body by eating healthy food and exercising. Helping myself in working towards feeling luminous.

How do you eat, move, speak and act like you love yourself?

One thought on “like you love yourself

  1. A lovely post!

    I always try to be kind to myself and I treat myself with love every day. Bubble baths make me feel amazing, so that’s what I do nearly every day! I don’t verbally put myself down – if the thought is there in my head, I make sure and do something about it. I eat to make myself feel good – actually I’ve been doing vegan before 6 for a few months now and I feel GREAT. My body thanks me for how I eat during the day and my mind is grateful for the treats I allow myself in the evening.

    I love how this complement’s Freya’s post. What a mindful week!

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