happy friday

happy friday This week I am grateful for

  • That spring feeling. Are you feeling it too? It just kind of makes me feel bubbly.
  • Finally finding a cute set of measuring spoons for baking.
  • I’ve been in our new flat (and Italy) for almost four months and have been doing a little spring cleaning and reorganising this week. Finding better homes for places and plotting what to save for next. Cupboard ‘storage solutions’ will probably win.

Links for the weekend

  • I loved Miss Jojangle’s post on handwriting. I love a handwritten note and am really going to make an effort to send out more (ie any!).
  • Instagram is probably one of my favourite apps and so I love finding what people use, check out WishWishWish’s instagram app list.
  • A lovely reminder from Freya to focus on the magic.
  • Looking to boost your memory capabilities. I’m hoping these tips will help with my language learning
  • My tip for nicer tasting water over on Instagram.
  • Have you seen bloglovin’s new profile pages. They look pretty swishy. If you want you can follow me.

The week ahead I will be working on:

  • Working out and not eating any junk. Why is this always so hard?
  • Working on the blog – updating the sidebar (any tips?), planning future posts and projects and working out how I can use it to help me progress my photography career.
  • Making progress on booking some things for the wedding. I finally sent off wedding invites so figure I better have cutlery for people to eat with.

Do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend?

2 thoughts on “happy friday

  1. Working out. I need to focus on that too. I do NO exercise at all and I’m fairly sure that can’t be good for you. Maybe we should get back to doing that dvd? I never finished it.

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