sunday inspiration | unconditionally music video


We were at our friends’ house yesterday chilling out and watching MTV (much like the picture above…) when Katy Perry’s new song came on, Unconditionally. I like a bit of Katy Perry but I really loved the music video. I didn’t realise how big carnevale season was around here and I am keen to get totally on board next year with a trip to Venice and an animal themed onsie (they seem very popular). I think I might come back to this for a little bit of Venice outfit inspiration. The music video is a mix of carnevale ball, historical military chic and Vogue shoot. I went a bit screen grab crazy for some inspiration boards.

It goes from moody snowiness

unconditionally music video inspiration board 1

To warm golden tones

unconditionally music video inspiration board 2

Some Vogue style slow motion shots


And then exploding flowers and a car crash covered in blooms.


Here is the full music video.

If you are interested in the fashion and inspiration there is an interview with Katy Perry’s stylist. What do you think? Do you want to run away to a beautiful dancing circus?

All images screen grabs from the music video.

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