a walk along barcola

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The weather this weekend was springtime perfection. Warming and clear and spring-full with just a slight chill in the air but comfortable enough to go coatless. What bliss.

Tim and I decided to head down to the Barcola area of Trieste to have a nice walk. Barcola is a suburb of Trieste which runs along the sea and there is a long promenade with areas for sunbathing and swimming. I imagine when the weather warms up slightly it will get quite crowded but it was still fairly quiet at this time of year. It has that hint of art deco about it that I think all bathing areas around the world seem to have with bright blue and copper piping.

The walk ends at Miramare Castle which I will tell you more about another time but you can see it in the background in some pictures.


I was confused by the proliferation of scales along the walk. Are people really going to weigh themselves when they go down to the sea? Surely that is not the time you want to know you’ve had too many gelati?

I was also happy to find that there were some pebbles along the beach as I had been wondering where I would find some for some still life styling. I was as happy as a kid who had found a treasure, see …


I think we will definitely be spending a lot of our summer along here. I am already planning picnic brunches and lunches and sundowners.


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    1. The older generation in Italy really have it don’t they! I have to say I am pretty glad to be back near the sea. Didn’t realise how much I had missed it.

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