primavera crowns

primavera crowns primavera crowns primaveracrowns primavera crown

Yay. It is officially spring  – at least according to the sun and moon (ie today is the spring equinox). In celebration I hope some of you have joined Bethan and me in wearing a flower crown – at least some of the time. Maybe while doing the dishes or working out this morning? I am imaging that I am virtually dancing in a flowery spring meadow with all of you lovely people!

Of course I couldn’t help taking a hundred of pictures of the pretty flowers (though I have maintained some restraint in sharing them there will be more tomorrrow). I haven’t bought carnations for … I think ever, but I think they might be under-rated. What do you think?


9 thoughts on “primavera crowns

  1. This is so lovely – your photography as ever is stunning and your portrait is beautiful. Carnations always seem very Italian to me so your choice of flower seems appropriate too. Also they stay fresh for a while too – my poor wild flower crown lasted all of 30 minutes!

    1. Oops I thought they were chyrsanthemums. Shows how good my flower knowledge is! After looking them up carnations seem quite appropriate as they were used in Greek ceremonial crowns. Learn something new every day!

  2. Such a beautiful crown and images. You look gorgeous! Thank you for making this happen. I loved making my crown so much and am inspired to make more. Happy Spring! x

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