happy friday


This weeks happy:

  • Leaving Trieste late enough in the day that Tim could walk with me to catch the bus to the airport and my Mom hired a car to pick me up at 11 at night from Stansted. Which meant I didn’t have to deal with travelling into London so late at night (which can just be exhausting).
  • London’s weather putting on a good show.
  • Catching up with my lovelies.
  • Kind friends who let me crash at theirs.

Links for the weekend:

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “happy friday

  1. I love your workout playlist on You Tube because I now see that I’m not the only one who does this, so much easier and quicker than the gym or workout DVDs! We have a smart TV too so I can sync my iPad with the TV and do them in the living room on the bigger screen, of course mine is full of pregancy yoga and Pilates work outs right now! Hope you are enjoying being back in the UK, we’re off to Rome in June, must start practicing my Italian! X

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