things i learned on a friday


>>> A hairdo and makeup session from Blow Ltd is well worth the money. After seeing some people post about this new salon on twitter I thought I would try it out as an option for my wedding and I will definitely be heading back. Three strangers complimented me on my hair and the makeup lasted until after midnight (though admittedly I wasn’t dancing away, something I plan to be doing on my wedding night). I slept on my hair two nights in a row and it was still looking good on Sunday!

>>> Left to my own devises I generally spend more money than I should (sorry Tim).

>>> Chocolate chip biscuits from the in-store bakery at Marks and Spencers still taste amazing.

>>> The staff at Schuh in Covent Garden are really friendly and helpful. The level of service was made even better by the contrast of staff at another high street chain. Schuh also give you a year to return items. A year!

>>> Lunching with a good friend is the best. Made even better when the food is so good. I don’t think I have ever had a restaurant salad so good as the one from Beam. Walnut and tahini dressing is definitely something I will have to try and create at home.

>>> Some people obviously get gifted items from West Elm that they don’t realise are awesome. Picked up two little owl cups for Β£1 each in a charity shop. Not practical but so fun!

>>> Crouch End is an awesome corner of London (note lunch and charity shop finds above). Plus it has the prettiest florist. I think in another life I might have tried my hand at flower arranging.

>>> Cocktails served in teapots and drunk out of tea cups taste better.

>>> Franco Manca is worth the queue. (And I must have a serious love for Italian food to eat it when I am on holiday from Italy!)

>>> Blogging ladies are the best.

>>> A table of women in a pub have a gravitational pull on drunken men at tables next to them. Also I am glad I am not on the dating seen. Hard work if that is what is out there.

>>> The most popular photos on instagram (based on a small study of 2 instagram profiles) contain at least two of the following elements: trees, fog, the sea, a sunset, old men, birds, leftover food (strangely more popular then ‘fresh’ food). Some combinations are more popular than others. I am now thinking of a way to combine all these elements into one shot.

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12 thoughts on “things i learned on a friday

  1. Do let us know if you crack the walnut and tahini dressing, it sounds delicious. A table of drunken men, ugh, I know what you mean. Can’t wait to see your fog, leftover food and old men at sunset shot! Your hair is beautiful, it will look amazing at your wedding, I have no doubt.

  2. I LOVE that hair style! It’s so beautiful πŸ™‚ Totally agree about the service at Schuh too – I had a really good shopping experience with them recently too.

    1. thanks Helen, really wish I could do this myself for everyday! I was generally impressed with the service in the shops this visit to England. Maybe I was just finding as many people as I could to talk English too!

    1. I think that sounds like an excellent idea. I will track weather patterns and find a suitable old man πŸ˜‰

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