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With a new season comes that deep ‘want’ for spending all my pennies on some clothes that fit the season better. I’ve never been the wisest shopper, buying things that I love but don’t necessarily suit me or are ‘special occasion’ numbers or things that are a little boring but ‘practical’. I also wouldn’t say I am the most stylish person. I am not particularly adventurous. I lean towards a little safe. I don’t throw random things together and look good. But honestly, I kind of like the simple silhouettes, the idea of a daily uniform, the idea of wearing a tshirt with a knock out accessory. I just don’t alway pull it off.

On another note in the last six months with not having a regular job my ‘daily uniform’ has been either pjs (when it is cold and I don’t need to leave the house) or my jeggings and a tshirt/jumper. Honestly, I am a fan of the latter but think even that could do with a little bit of ‘shuzhing’ (is that how you spell it). Maybe some actual jeans!

At the same time I don’t have money to go and buy a while new wardrobe and I am wanting to work towards appreciating enough. So, I am sort of jumping on the whole “lean closet movement” that has been around for ages on the blogosphere in different projects but seems to be picking up more lately. Although I have pinned thousands of items onto my ‘wear’ board In reality I don’t want to own hundreds of items of clothing. What I do want is to feel stylish, sophisticated and (oh I am getting old) comfortable! So I am going through what I need and want and working on defining my style and considering the stylish people I can emulate. I think the Olsen twins are the current winners – jeans, tshirts, floaty blouses, blazers, a little bit boho, maybe drop the heals.

I’ve made a ‘general style’ pinterest board to help solidify things in my mind. It features a lot of denim/chambray, simple dresses and neutrals with some fun elements like a bright mustard or patterned shoes. And stripes. I love stripes. I think the bulk of items I own already lean this way (gratifying to know that after 30 years I am finally getting there), but probably also a few items which I might clear out.

With summer on its way though I think there is a bit more room for playing (see my summer style board). A few more fun patterns, perhaps a pair of denim shorts and I love a good maxi (although I think I am covered on that). Some bolder colours – I love a bright orange or pink – but still with lots of cool neutrals.

So far I’ve bought a new maxi (stripes), two pairs of sandals (as I someone brought none with me when we moved!) and two new t-shirts (tell me I am not the only one to kind of get a new batch every year). I hope these items all last a while. They are basics with some longevity in terms of a uniform. I will be on the look for some new trousers though too as my black jeggings recently gained a hole in an undesirable spot.

How about you? What are your thoughts on the lean closet? What are your key pieces or everyday uniform? Are you drawing up a shopping list or do you just go to the shops and buy armfuls of lovely? Who are your style icons? Where is your favourite shop for buying t-shirts? I still don’t think I have found them. And how do you combine a minimal closet with seasonal trends? Do you or is that an old way of thinking?

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  1. Great post and much like what I’ve been thinking lately. Like the Vivienne Westwood quote ‘buy less choose well’. My issue is finding what really fits and flatters as my body shape is not so like those style pics you see on Pinterest. I’m looking into the “lean closet” idea now. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Yes my body is also far from pinterest people but as I have gotten older I have either accepted my body more or can’t be bothered to care about ‘what suits’ – not sure which one.

  2. I am also thinking about this a lot at the moment but more in terms of what I make. I would like to have a range of hand knits and crochet garments and accessories to form the basis then a capsule wardrobe that works with them. My making really defines me as a person and I am happiest when wearing something handmade by me. I want to capitalise on it.

  3. Lately I’ve been seriously considering a wardrobe reform. I’m at that awkward transition stage in college in which I still like fashion trends, but I need to start investing in more professional clothes. I’ve been slowly going through my clothes and getting rid of things I know I won’t wear, are too worn out, or look cheap, and saving up to invest in items I’ll wear for years to come.

  4. I’ve not got a lean wardrobe particularly, but I did have a massive sort through recently so that everything in there is either highly functional or makes me feel like I look incredible. It makes getting dressed way easier and there isn’t anything I put on that just doesn’t quite fit me anymore. Also, there’s a ‘one in one out’ rule now. So if I want to get something I have to decide on what I no longer want or need. Makes it a bit harder to buy stuff!

    1. Ooh the one in one out rule is good. Not sure it always applies (ie I didn’t have any sandals) but should definitely be used when replacing tshirts for example – last year’s tshirts become gym ones and the gym ones move on out.

  5. I just did a huge clear out so I could do a 30-ish item wardrobe experiment. So far, so good. It was really liberating to call what I wear everyday my “uniform” and not feel I need to mix things up! Love all the extra space, too.

    1. I’ve seen those 30 day challenges and always thought about doing one but always chicken out. Maybe when I start work again after the summer (because I might only own 30 work outfits and really who wants to spend money on work stuff!)

      1. Since I work at home my work clothes are the same as the rest of my clothes. That does help with the item limit!

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